The introduction of isotropic ferrite and anisotropic ferrite

Hard ferrite magnets belong to sintered permanent magnets, which are currently one of the most widely used magnets, and the cost is also very low. Ferrite magnets are mainly made of SrO and Fe2O3 as the main raw materials, and are made by ceramic sintering process. The difference from other permanent magnets is that ferrite does not belong to rare earth permanent magnets. In addition, there are two types of ferrite magnets, isotropic and anisotropic. The Isotropic ferrite magnet means that there is no coil for magnetization during molding and pressing, and the magnetization direction is determined. That is to say, after the magnets finished, they can be magnetized in all directions. The anisotropic ferrite magnet means the magnetization is determined in the coil during molding and pressing, that is to say, no matter how to magnetize them, the magnetization direction is no change.

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Ferrite magnet is one of most widely used magnet in the world, it is mainly used in the field of PM motor and loudspeaker, also other filed like permanent magnet hanger, magnetic thrust bearing, broadband magnetic separator, loudspeaker, microwave equipment, magnetic therapy sheets, hearing AIDS and so on.Chinese Standard
 Type Grade  Br  Hcb  Hcj (BH)max  Tw
KGs mT KOe KA/m


KA/m MGOe KJ/m³ (℃)



Y10T 2.00-2.35 200-235 1.60-2.01 125-160 2.60-3.52   210-280 0.8-1.2 6.50-9.50 ≤ 300
Y20 3.60-3.80 360-380 1.70-2.38 135-190


140-195 2.5-2.8 20.00-22.00 ≤ 300
Y25 3.80-3.90 380-390 1.80-2.14 144-170


150-200 3.0-3.5 24.00-28.00 ≤ 300
Y30 3.90-4.10 390-410 2.30-2.64 184-210


188-220 3.4-3.8 27.60-30.00 ≤ 300
Y30BH 3.90-4.10 390-410 3.00-3.25 240-250


256-259 3.4-3.7 27.60-30.00 ≤ 300
Y35 4.10-4.30 410-430 2.60-2.75 208-218


210-230 3.8-4.0 30.40-32.00 ≤ 300
Physical properties of Ferrite
Parameter Ferrite Magnets
Curie temperature(℃) 450
Maximum operating temperature(℃) 250
Hv(MPa) 480-580
Density(g/cm³) 4.8-4.9
Relative recoil air permeability(urec) 1.05-1.20
Saturation field strength, kOe(kA/m) 10(800)
Br(%/℃) -0.2
iHc(%/℃) 0.3
Tensile  strength(N/mm) <100
Transverse breaking strength(N/mm) 300
You can't tell from the appearance. The isotropic when pressing (dry pressing or wet pressing), there is a magnetic field, so that the easy magnetization axis of the magnetic powder is aligned. The anisotropic is about 3 times more than the isotropic one. The isotropic is easier than the anisotropic when making. Therefore, the tooling cost and unit price of the isotropic magnets is cheaper, but the magnetic force is much weaker. Our advantage: 1. High cost performance: We have advanced technology and equipment, high-quality products and services, and reasonable prices. Especially the quality has also been recognized by customers and received unanimous praise from customers. 2. High stability: We have adopted advanced technology and equipment, and the products show extremely high stability during use, which can meet customers' requirements for high stability. 3. Wide application: Our products can be widely used in electronics and electro-acoustic, communication, medical, automotive and other fields, and provide customers with comprehensive solutions, which can be customized according to customer needs, so as to provide the best plan. 4. High precision: We adopt advanced production technology and equipment to ensure the high precision of the product. 5. Fast delivery: We have a complete production process and logistics system, which can deliver quickly to meet the urgent needs of customers, and we can provide professional technical support and after-sales service. The team members have rich industry experience and can provide customers with targeted solutions and services.

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