Magnet Assemblies with NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo and Ferrite Magnet

Magnetic assemblies are components widely used which magnets (such as NdFeB, Ferrite, SmCo, etc.) and other materials (mainly steel, iron, plastics, etc.) are assembled by gluing, injection or other process. The advantage is to improve mechanical and magnetic strength and to protect the magnets from damage.

Products Details

1. To improve mechanical strength: The magnets are assembled with non-magnetic parts (such as ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals or plastics) to form a barrier to avoid damage during use and also to reduce customers’ assembling time and manufacturing costs, Such as linear motor magnetic assemblies, automotive magnetic chucks and so on. 2. To enhance magnetic strength: By using the magnetic induction of the magnetic flux -conducting parts, the magnet assemblies can improve and concentrate the magnetic field in a specific area to increase the magnetic field strength; and compared with only magnets, the assemblies have a more obvious advantage in cost. For example, the common Halbeck array, the magnetic flux density in a specific area can even exceed the remanence of PM material used in the array. 3. To protect the magnet from damage: Even with a very small air gap between assemblies and the workpieces can greatly affect the magnetic field strength, but the magnet assemblies can still protect the magnets from damage. Such as magnetic hooks, magnetic filter rods, magnetic badges, magnetic tool holders, etc. Magnet assemblies can be widely used, such as current transformers, electronic whiteboards, current sensors, tilt sensors, engines, motors, projectors, slide projectors, synchronous alternators, closing devices, electric doors, industrial controls and seals. The role of the magnetic rod is mainly to remove iron impurities in products in the fields of chemical industry, food, waste recycling, carbon black and so on. The feature of magnetic rods are: the poles of effective iron removal are dense, the contact area is large, and magnetic force is supper strong. In the iron removal container, it can be customized according to the customers’ requirements. Magnetic rods can also filter iron impurities in a variety of fine powders and liquids, semi-liquids and other materials with the magnetic. Magnetic rods can also be used in iron removal in products in chemical, food, waste recycling, carbon black and other fields. In addition, the magnetic rods can also be used as a children's toy magnetic rod, using the principal of mutual adsorption of multiple 2-3cm long magnetic rods and the corresponding magnetic beads, and then various 3D shapes can be assembled.

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