Other Shapes NdFeB, such as bread shape, hole-shape, etc

Other shapes NdFeb products have strong magnetic properties, excellent performance, and very high magnetic energy product and coercivity which makes them more efficient in existing applications and opens up new application fields.Compared with the regular shape NdFeb magnets, the shape design of other shaped NdFeb products is more flexible and diverse. We can customize various shapes of magnets according to different needs and specific applications, such as arc, ring, fan and so on. This unique shape design provides more application possibilities for customers.

Products Details

Surface Coating Thickness μm Color SST Hours PCT Hours
Nickel Ni 10~20  Bright Silver >24~72 >24~72
Black Nickel Ni+Cu+Ni  10~20 Bright Black   >48~96 >48
Cr3+Zinc Zn C-Zn 5~8 Brighe Blue Shining Color >16~48 >36~72 ---
Sn Ni+Cu+Ni+Sn 10~25 Silver >36~72 >48
Au Ni+Cu+Ni+Au 10~15 Gold >12 >48
Ag Ni+Cu+Ni+Ag 10~ 15 Silver >12 >48
Epoxy Epoxy 10~20 Black/Grey >48 ---
Ni+Cu+Epoxy 15~30  >72~108 ---
Zn+Epoxy 15~25  >72~108 ---
Passivation --- 1~3 Dark Grey Temporary Protection ---
Phosphate --- 1~3 Dark Grey Temporary Protection) ---
Item Parameters Reference Value Unit
Auxiliary Magnetic Properties Reversible Temperature Coefficient Of Br -0.08--0.12 %/℃
Reversible Temperature Coefficient Of Hcj -0.42~-0.70      %/℃
Specific Heat 0.502    KJ·(Kg ·℃)-1
Curie Temperature  310~380      
Mechanical Physical Properties Density 7.5~7.80   g/cm3
Vickers Hardness 650      Hv
Electrical Resistance 1.4x10-6        μQ ·m
Compressive Strength 1050   MPa
Tensile Strength 80     Mpa
Bending Strength 290      Mpa
Thermal Conductivity 6~8.95 W/m ·K
Young's Modulus 160  GPa
Thermal Expansion(C⊥) -1.5     10-6/℃-1
Thermal Expansion(CII) 6.5 10-6/℃-1
It is suitable for many fields and industries, including electronics, medical, automotive, machinery, etc. Whether in sensors, motors, sound equipment or other applications, our products always show outstanding performance and consistent quality. Our other shapes NdFeb products have already achieved great success in numerous projects and applications. For example, in the drive system of electric vehicle, our products contribute to efficient motor property and power output. We also provide critical magnetic support for a wide range of medical devices in the medical equipment field. So customers have highly praised the quality and performance of our products. In the competitive market, our products have a stronger advantage. Because we have advanced producing processes and equipment to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality. We also continuously develop and innovate to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our process strictly controls every link to ensure that products meet high quality requirements. We offer a variety of solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our professional team works closely with our customers to understand their applications and needs in order to provide solutions for them on the best product selection and design. We are committed to providing our customers with tailor-made solutions to ensure that they can fully leverage the benefits of other shapes Ndfeb products to achieve greater efficiency and performance. We also provide excellent after-sales service to our customers. Whether it is the installation, commissioning or maintenance of the product, we will provide timely support and guidance. We adhere to the principle of customer first, always put customer satisfaction in the first place, and strive to provide customers with the best after-sales experience. As a manufacturer of Ndfeb, our other shapes NdFeb products stand out for their strong magnetic properties, unique shape design and wide range of applications. Our technical support, customer review, after-sales service and competitive advantage further strengthen our position in the market. We will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product optimization, to provide customers with more high-quality and diversified shapes NdFeb products to make greater contributions to the development and innovation of all walks of life.

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